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Is management representative a temporary post or a job title

The human resources manager argues that the position of the management representative is a temporary post, not a job title and has no job description. How do I deal with it.


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Hi SelimStan

We have the "Management Representative" as a defined role within our Quality Manual, this lists that person responsibilities (as defined within the applicable standards). This is then treated as an additional title someone within the company will hold. There is no defined Job description held by HR as it is essentially a title with responsibility in addition to someone's role.

At my company, the Head of Operations historically held the title of MR, however after I started this responsibility was delegated to me, the Quality Specialist. This hand over was documented in a letter that stated the responsibilities of the title and signed acceptance from both parties. See the extract below;

"As Quality Management Representative, irrespective of other responsibilities, you shall have responsibility and authority to implement, maintain and improve the Quality Management System (QMS) and report to top management on matters relating to the QMS"

I would suggest reviewing the standard you are working under and looking at the exact requirements you are bound by for the Management Rep and if you wish it to be captured within a specific person's job role show the HR Manager the requirements within the standard and work with them to build that into this persons job role. If the title is more fluid within your company and may be transferred between staff members then capturing the role and its responsibilities within your Quality Manual may be more appropriate.

Hopefully, that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.
In 13845: 2016, section 5.5.2 outlines the roles and expectations of the organization, so the function is formalized. I would imagine that the person performing those roles would have it in their job description, however a formal title wouldn't be necessary. We have it in our Org Chart as well as in our description of job roles.

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HR is right. No need to add a new position of Man Rep to the organization chart.

Merely select the best person or persons who can fulfill the duties well and make sure they are delegated some of the Chief Exec’s authority as necessary to fulfill their responsibilities for looking after the organization’s management system.

It could, for example, be the IT Mgr and the QA Mgr as head of internal audit.
What standard are you trying to fulfill?
ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2018 this is the standards that we trying to renew for the next 3 years.

but the Director of Human Resources is trying to give the impression for the top management that the management representative is a temporary post and He threatened me with punishment if I used this as a title in my email signature. Is there a problem to use the title if my my primary job title is 'Quality Section Head" even if I use the management representative title in ISO emails only and does he have the authority to give me a penalty for that?


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ISO 9001 no longer requires a management representative. So as far as that's concerned your organization would define that. I don't know about the other standards.


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ISO 9001 no longer requires a management representative. So as far as that's concerned your organization would define that. I don't know about the other standards.
While it does not require an MR by name it does require someone with the same responsibilities. So its almost just easier to continue using the title to make it clear.
If anyone is concerned about titles, they misunderstand the requirements. We all know there WAS a requirement for someone to function as "management rep", but that's not a title. It was never meant to be a job title, only to perform the tasks. If a Director told me not to do something like that, I'd be inclined to listen. It's better to ACT correctly than use titles to justify a job.
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I would hesitate to use it on your email signature as an official title for the reason that even our auditors discussed who the management rep should be for that particular audit (and we get audits from the FDA, Health Canada as well as from our MDSAP AO). For our recent MDSAP, there is the boss who pays the bills and schedules the audits, me, who performs the bulk of the audits and writes the P&P's and another employee who performs some of the auditing function. You may even have a different rep for the OH&S audit or fire safety audits.
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