Is PPAP Re-qualification needed in case of not quoted dimension change?



Shall I require a PPAP re-qualification by my customer, if a dimension not quoted in the drawing changes?
This quote is not in the spec of the product, so it's not reported in any part of the PPAP.

Note that:
1) Any of the other dimensions quoted (and approved on the PPAP) will not be affected by this change.
2) The function of the part will remain completely the same, but it’s required to ease the manufacturing
3) The visual aspect will change in case of dismantling the part (it’s an assembled part)

Thank you for the help!


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The question isn't really clear, but I think the answer is simple. The customer determines the PPAP requirements. So it something changed and the customer wants a PPAP, then the customer gets a PPAP.


First question: why is not quoted?
I think, if you want to stick to line of AIAG you have to quote it first and then develop all the procedure that come along with the PPAP.

Second: was the dimension on the drawing?
If not, then has to be an engineering change, then remember that it'll have an impact in your metrology process, another thing to measure.

***3) The visual aspect will change in case of dismantling the part (it’s an assembled part).***

Watchout! in terms of audit it'll become a problem because the part does not match all original documentation(everywhere that shows a pictures of the part) it is not equal to the master sample submitted on the PPAP.


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agreed, it is pretty much up to the customer, and what may or may not be specified in the procurement documents.....
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