Is QS-9000 Certification allowed?


Mark Frazer

As I have understood from QS9000 Forum Post that our company
that makes cutting tools for some of the Big-3 Automaker companies
are not allowed to be certified under QS-9000. We do not make any
parts that are used on the cars or trucks. Is this still true?
Has there been any changes been made that will include TE Suppliers?

Mark Frazer
E-mail: [email protected]

Roger Eastin

It sounds like you're a candidate for TE Supplement certification. There's alot of confusion surrounding this area now as to deadlines and what baseline should be used with the TE supplement (ISO9000 or QS9000). I was recently told by a registrar that the TE supplement assessor certification is based on QS9000, not ISO9000.

Marc - Is there any possibility that a TE supplement forum could be set up? I think there will be alot of questions over the next several months about this topic.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Well, let me think about another forum for TE folks. I'll have to start a new page.

But - this should be re-posted in the QS forum at the least. It has nothing at all to do with ISO
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