Is sharing resources treated same way as remote function?



Hello everyone,

We have multiple manufacturing facilities around the area with headquarters identified as remote site for all (provide design and some other support functions to all facilities).

Some of the facilities are certified to new IATF-16949 standard and some currently going through the audits.
My question relates to resource sharing between facilities and if it is looked at as remote support function.

For example, if we ask internal auditors from one site who are certified already to help with the internal audit at another site, is this considered a remote function?

Another example would be CMM work, if one facility gets to busy and another facility helps and performs inspection for them.
Is that considered support, will that be required to be listed and identified as support site/function?

Thank you.


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You have separate QMS and individual certificates issued not as part of corporate scheme. In my opinion as long external persons are not in your organizational chart as members of your organization, answer is: Yes, these activities are examples of remote supporting functions. Off course best answer should come from your CB auditor.
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