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Is something happening with Linkedin "Groups"? July 2018


Captain Nice
Staff member
I do know, through some discussions in forums like Ars and The Register, some techies claim to have done quite well getting jobs and such. And in a few Linkedin groups I am "in", thought I rarely visit any, I have read some good discussions in the past. Then again, a lot of it is just advertising pure and simple.

To me it's quite like Facebook in that for me Linkedin is quite useless as a whole, but that's just me. Facebook isn't my cup of tea, but I know many people do like it for a variety of reasons.

I will say that back before I was "banned" from the ISO 9001 group there by <he who shall not be named>, before I had even posted anything in it, most of the discussion questions had been already asked/answered/discussed here so it was a bit boring.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Let's just say there was a personality "conflict" with someone who doesn't like me personally. That is all I will say about it.


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My new job encourages everyone to be on Linkedin, and I have heard managers say about someone interviewing for a job "He doesn't even have a profile on Linkedin!!!"

IDK, I guess I have an older resume up there, but I rarely go to the site, and rarely add connections.

Helmut Jilling

Auditor / Consultant
It may be kind of "off topic," but I'm curious if any of our Cove folks have GOOD things to say about LinkedIn.

Are you getting leads, offers, jobs, business from folks who find you through LinkedIn? How do YOU use LinkedIn? Do you look for and find people or companies to do business with? Do you spend a lot of time reading and/or writing articles to post on LinkedIn? If you write, do you get positive responses? or do they just lie there, moldering?

My recent experience with being "found" is roughly akin to cold callers ringing my doorbell, offering to sell me Avon products or worse, offering me (a business consultant) consulting advice on how to run my business.
It is actively looked at by many recruiters, sales reps, people seeking positions... I get a lot of views each month, and I am not even that active... i follow some interesting people in their fields, people that I would have no contact with otherwise. I have read some good conversations and good articles. Not as good in the technical dialogue that Elsmar had at its peak, but still a lot of good content. Just a huge site, so you have to filter and select what to link to. But, not having a current profile on there essentially says you don’t want to be included in what’s going on in the industry. Which may be ok for some folks where they’re at.


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Just stumbled across this thread and thought I'd add some comments with 20/40 hindsight. (No, not a typo, maybe even 20/40 is optimistic, as it is hard to tell (see) exactly what is going on with LinkedIn,)

To a large extent, it seems that the sky did indeed fall in on Groups. LI said that it was rolling back Group Announcements and other features temporarily, while it "rebuilt" and eventually rolled out "new and improved" Groups, but, at this point, I think it's safe to say that temporary has become permanent. If you don't visit a Group, you don't know what has been posted there. It's like Elsmar without Alerts. Predictably, this has rapidly led to "out of sight, out of mind." There are some ways around it, but nothing that makes it work the way it did.

LinkedIn seems to have been designed for a single purpose, which is to help recruiters find candidates, an objective that is probably secondary to the larger goal of cheaper and cheaper labor. (A lot of labor is a commodity and its cost is determined entirely by supply and demand. The more candidates for each job, the harder it is to get a job, and the lower the pay that candidates will accept. I'm inclined to agree with those who said that MS bought it just to get access to the email addresses of thousands of potential employees.) It seems that Groups were originally intended to help recruiters target their job posts more efficiently.

Like many things, LinkedIn can be used for purposes other than for those for which it was designed. I know many people lament that LinkedIn doesn't serve the purpose they want it to serve, or that it used to, but they changed it, and now it doesn't.

I find LinkedIn useful, if sometimes annoying and also depressing. I have used it for some types of research but mostly I use it to communicate with others regarding issues of interest to me. My target audience is mostly device RA professionals. I have over 1,000 Connections, mostly just from blabbing a lot. (My strong suit.)
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