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Is Sorting a kind of Rework?


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It states in that we shall utilize risk analysis to assess risks in the rework process prior to a decision to rework the product. In my situation, we have some sortings after production because the process can't guarantee 100% quality, so, is sorting a kind of rework?

thanks for your reply.


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Thanks for your answer.

I checked the ISO 9001, there is no definition of the sorting. I only found the definition of inspeciton (determination of conformity of specified requirements). My understanding is that soring is a kind of inspection. Please correct me if I am mistaken.



Captain Nice
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Essentially, yes - A sort is an inspection. One might say it is a "special" inspection as it is for a defect which has been identified that has escaped the process for one reason or another, and the sort is focused on that specific defect in already produced product. That's not to say a sort can not include more than one characteristic, but typically in my experience that has been the case.

A sort "inspection" is meant to be a temporary inspection while the escape path is identified and closed. Usually the control plan or other relevant process document is revised to include a method to ensure that the defect can not escape again. Other documents, such as the process FMEA, may also be revised. In some cases the process flow may be revised as well.

As to ISO 9001 defining what "sort" is in a manufacturing environment, it probably isn't defined in an ISO 900x document. You will more likely find it in automotive and aerospace.
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