Is the 8D process a part of QS-9000? SEC:U 8D


David Mullins


I received the following questions from a student doing a project on FORD 8D. If you could share your answers on these I'm sure he would appreciate it. (I thought a broader perspective might help)

Is the 8D process a part of QS9000 or is it a tool to help companies abide by the standard?

It isn't only used by Auto companies though is it? It can be applied in other types of
industries eg computers can it?

I've heard of the Seven Step problem solving method which is similar to the 8D problem solving model. Do you know of any others?


Bill M

The 8 Discipline or 8D is a formal problem solving methodology that Ford uses as a part of their Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS). It is widely adopted and many companies within and outside the automotive industry have similar formats with some variations. The Chrysler 7 Step is basically the 8D without the last step; "congratulate the team". Another system is the 5 Phase or 5P. The 8D is part of QS-9000 by way of the requirement that a supplier must respond to a customer concern in the format the customer has designated. Therefore all Ford suppliers would use the 8D to address Ford concerns. Similar formats are in use in a form most companies know as a Corrective Action Report...simply put it would be a form with the basic steps: 1. What is the concern? 2. Who's assigned to deal with the concern? 3. What steps (immediate and long term) are to be taken to address the root cause of the concern and will prevent it from recurring? 4. Afterwards, what was done to verify that it is not still a concern? 5. Closure or Sign-offs


To do effective corrective & preventive action, I used to suggest the 8D concept to many industries include servicing business. My friend who is an instructor in university said this is a good concept of step by step problem solving.
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