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Job descriptions


Now I am writing job descriptions acc. to 2000 revision. I need formats of that document. I would be appriciate with your help.


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As I see it 9001:2000 does not require job descriptions in the conventional sense (someone correct me if I am missing something). However, there are other good reasons to have them. In the past I have had good luck doing a Google search for job descriptions to give me ideas on content, appropriate titles, etc. But make sure they fit YOUR comapny's needs.

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It is however a requirement to define competency requirements for jobs - same difference ?

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Not IMO. You must ensure people are competent to perform their assigned tasks, but ISO does not necessarily require that be accomplished by writing "job descriptions" in the way I think of them - i.e.

Job Description

Job Title: Operations Manager

Responsible for effectively planning and coordinating all customer support activities and ensuring the most feasible methods for achieving the most efficient support of customers, sales people and installers.


Live up to XYZ's Values and Beliefs.

Responsible for the development, implementation and adherence to a Customer Support Program. Develops and/or reviews standards, policies and procedures for all functions involved with or related to Logistics, Engineering Support and Technical Services.

Reviews and resolves product and service problems/concerns with the Product Group and others including vendors, customers, quality control personnel and any person related to logistics, product development, service and engineering.

Oversees and supervise processing of sales orders, acknowledgements and sales invoices in cooperation with sales departments.

Receives and reviews all customer satisfaction surveys and customer contacts and complaints. Reviews complaint trends and product/component failure analysis; reviews corrective actions with appropriate personnel.

Provides technical assistance and training to all customer representatives and field service personnel as needed.

Provides for the control and editing of all company sales and purchase orders, to insure conformity to established policies and procedures.

Oversees and supervise all functions including receiving of products, inventory control, interim quality checks and shipping.
Perform annual performance reviews of supervised personnel.
Perform other duties as requested by the President.
Participate in monthly management meetings and in quarterly company meetings.

Reports directly to the President. Supervises all Warehouse, Engineering Support and the Technical Support personnel. Works closely with Project Manager, Sales Managers and Office Manager.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required:

- Creativity and leadership

- Organizational, interpersonal and communication skills

- Experience in developing teams


Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from four-year college or university; or six to seven years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in one or more of the following fields are essential:

- Customer service.

- Accounting

- Logistics


IMO, a job description alone may not satisfy all ISO requirements for ensuring competence, but can be used as one tool in that effort, but it typically fulfills other HR needs.

M Greenaway


Clause 6.2.2 says 'The organisation shall a) determine the necessary competence.......'

Which is often written in Job Descriptions, including the one you posted where it talks of qualifications, experience, and personal attributes. Admittedly they contain more besides, such as duties, reporting lines etc.

Mike S.

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All I'm saying is that, IMO, a job description alone will not usually suffice to adequately determine competence. At least not in my eyes. I may say in my job description "position requires 2 year degree in mechanical engineering and ability to do MIG welding". Just because I hire a person with those qualifications does not necessarily mean he/she will perform the job I need to be done competently. Maybe they MIG welded auto bodies, while I need structural members for a steel building or pipes for a boiler welded. If it is me, this JD is the first hurdle only, I will ensure competence in other ways as well, perhaps by watching him/her actually perform the task in my company adequately, etc.

M Greenaway


You are correct, a job description does not determine competence, it determines competency requirements - competence is then determined against these requirements by, for example, testing, monitoring of work, interview, etc
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