Is there a specification that provides directions on Drawing Revision Changes

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Is there a specification that provides directions on how changes to an Engineering drawing is noted?
A drawing was provided to me for review that the change block called out a revision change and the change was noted on the drawing with a bubble on the drawing which was fine. But there were numerous changes not reflected.
Those Changes include making 2 place decimals to 3 place on some dimensions, removing views, changing notes, ...etc. all of which were not noted in the Drawing Revision block.
The engineer wants only to add a comment to the revision block that says "added Dimensions and Tolerances," without actually listing the individual changes.
He says that it is sufficient for this type of drawing whose only scrutiny is internally.
I need criteria for making changes to drawings.
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ANSI Y14.5 may have something.

ISO9001 has something along the lines of:

The organization shall retain documented information on:
a. design and development changes;
b. the results of reviews

I have seen several aerospace prints that have 'SEE EO ####' in the revision header to save space.


I have been working on drawings and used criteria like this:

1- When there are a lot of correctionsns and most of them occur in preliminary phases, we only put "General Revision"
2- when there are several corrections and most of them are cosmetic, "General revision"
3- When there are few revisions, we give full description " The room was removed and changed"
4- If you have columns and rows identified on the drawing, you refer the col A, row 2
where the corrections are placed, e.g. see A,3, see B,4

5-When there are very important corrections, full descriprion is important, because users detect quickly the corrections.

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You'll find technical documentation standards at
The ones I know contain some useful information on your question:
ISO 11442, which describes a general approach to controlling documents, but its annex A provides information on rules for revision.
ISO 7200 is specifically about "Data fields in title blocks and document headers"

I've also found BS 8888 to be a useful resource, though I see there's a 2017 edition out. I've only used the prior one.
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[FONT=&quot]The bible has been the Drawing Requirements Manual (DRM), 11th Ed. [FONT=&quot]Published By:[/FONT] IHS Markit Products & Services (IHS) Another would be MIL-DTL-31000[FONT=&quot] her[FONT=&quot]e in [FONT=&quot]the US.[/FONT][/FONT]
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