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Bombay under attack

It is all over now. From Wednesday, 26 November, 2008, night, till now many things have happened - all captured live on TV; the brutal acts of the terrorists, the heroic acts of the NSG commandos and the not so heroic act of the police (don't blame them, they cannot face an AK-47 or AK-56 with a lathi!!). More than 200 are dead and more than 300 are wounded in this madness (our heart-felt sympathies to the bereaved families and prayers for the speedy recovery for the wounded). Properties worth many crores have been damaged; safety and security in 5 star luxury hotels are now questioned. The NSG Commandos had taken three days to flush out and kill the terrorists, numbering about 15. All Commado actions had taken place in buildings, not in the open. I have a simple question. Could the commandos have used a chemical stunner (like for example chrloroform or a similar chemical, or tear gas) to make all the people in the building unconscious and to act quickly to identify and catch the terrorists among the occupants of the building ? This could have been done in a fraction of the time taken for the conventional firing and bombing operations. We could have got the terrorists live which would have helped us to get solid evidence on the mission. What is your opinion? Is such a chemical available ? Has anyone used such a technique earlier to rescue the innocent hostages in closed space? Should we ask this question to specialists ? Think.

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Well, first let me say I also send out my thoughts to all those impacted by this terrible action. Terrorism is a global issue that impacts everyone. The information I have seen says they did capture one of the men alive and he says he trained in Pakistan; they had hopes of killing 5000 people. I could not imagine why anyone would want to do this type of thing; but it’s why we must be vigilant and dedicated to stopping it.

I believe Russia tried the chemical approach several years back at a elementary school that was taken over by terrorists. It ended very badly as I remember. Not sure what chemical they used but it ended up killing a lot of hostages. You would think that someone somewhere could develop an odorless, clear gas that could be used on a large scale to incapacitate large numbers of people to end these types of situations as quickly and as peacefully as they could be.

It took a lot of effort on the commandos and others part to end this and it seemed like a tense situation but I was amazed how people were just walking around and going about their business while commandos were running around fighting… seemed kind of strange.

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You are right; I am suggesting that we need to use those substances which make one unconscious not kill; may be this involves some research or such substances are already known.

As for your comment "....seemed kind of strange" simple words ..that is India. You see people everywhere. If you have noticed the city of Mumbai came back to normalcy even when the commandos were fighting, in spite of the large number of deaths and destruction. That is the spirit of Mumbai (Bombay)...Mumbaikars have seen many such attacks on innocents...they are determined not to be cowed down by terrorists acts. They have shown that spirit once again now.


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It's become a very scary world. I'm glad I did most of my world travel before the 1990's. I even got to visit Beirut back in the 1960's when it was a wonderful vacation place.

I hate to think what it will be like 10 years or more from now.