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I have obtained a copy of the proposed update to ISO 10011. Reference:
Reference number of working document: ISO/TC 176/SC 3/WG 7 N94
Date: 1998-02-27
Working Draft: WG 7-WD 3
Committee identification: ISO/TC 176/SC 3/WG 7
SC 3 Secretariat: NN1
WG 7 Convenership: SAA
If anyone is interested in a copy, e-mail me and I will forward a copy in the reply. Format is Word 6.0.


Can I get a copy pls?

Marc said:
Sorry but couldn't open this link.
Can anyone check or send me a copy?


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You're 3 years behind the power curve. 10011 was superceeded 3 years ago by ISO 19011:2002 and NO you cannot have a copy unless you purchase one , it is copywrited.

Wes Bucey

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Yep. Note the date of the first post in this thread, when a "proposed" copy was circulating for comment. My experience is that there are often "political" as well as "factual" changes to documents when they are in the proposal stage.

Randy is correct in that once the document reaches final form with all required approvals, it is copyrighted and the copyright holder then sells rights to read, copy, redistribute, etc. the final version.

Often, folks far down the totem pole in their transnational organizations are not aware that their organization has a "multiple copy" license to distribute copies throughout its employees.

The issue is kind of like dealing with Microsoft - there are lots of pirated copies out there, but Microsoft will still prosecute a blatant copyright pirate.

Public websites such as the Cove are too visible to engage in piracy.


Randy and Wes,
I am sorry if I created the impression that I wanted to get an illegitimate copy of a copyright document, I had no such intention. I am new at the cove and got atracted to this thread by the title ISO10011 which is new to me. I didn't realize that the posts on this thread were from 1998, believe me or not the date of the posts are quite inconspicuous for a newcommer. Evidently I was referring to getting a copy of the draft as offered by Don, My only guilt is not noticing that the offer is 7 years old.


i am felix,would you pls to semd me the copy!
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