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Hey Everyone,

I have been reading this forum for awhile and really appreciate all the help it contains, had a question come up that I would really appreciate some feedback on.

I was unfortunately met with a bit of anger and felt my auditor was being combative when I asked the same of them so figured I would try you fine folks for a screener before we push back.

Our company provides a service related to finished, packaged medical devices. We were proposing to include in our Quality Manual scope that only a single part of a clause in 7.2 was not applicable. Something along the lines of 7.2.1 d) only. Is it specifically not allowed to to take a partial not applicable to a clause. Must you NA a full clause only?

The last paragraph in Section 1 of the standard that talks about the not applicables is written a bit unclear and confusing regarding this fact in that "if any requirement is not applicable...the organization does not need to include such a requirement in its quality management system...for any clause that is determined to be not applicable, the organization records the justification as described in 4.2.2.

Is this to mean that I don't need to comply with a specific part of a clause if it doesn't apply but can't specifically call it not applicable in the Quality Manual scope?

Thanks everyone!

Sidney Vianna

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You can exclude a specific requirement, which can be a sub section of any clause in the standard. Your interpretation is correct

Ed Panek

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The QM describes the context of your organization and the scope of the system. Auditors usually look at it first to get a 100,000 foot view of "whats going on here" We don't provide service or installation so we call them out as excluded in our QM. If auditor has a question we state "Our device requires no installation and is not serviceable"
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