ISO 13485 Training Organizations in the US - Seeking Reviews and Recommendations



First timer to this site and posting a forum.
Would like to know if I could get some advise as to a good ISO 13485 training program run by organizations here in USA. (i.e. Excel, Stat-a-matrix, BSI)
We have a vendor who is looking to get ISO 13485 certified and this is all new to them and especially their QA manager who will be developing their system. :thanks: in advance!

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When considering training needs I always think about the expected results (internal auditors' advanced performance, or general knowledge); the type of learning that would best suit the trainees' learning styles; and what company is willing to invest in, such considerations include time for personnel, costs for training (contracted professionals, purchased media, in-house vs. travel, etc.)

I would advise the company to contact its state Department of Labor, as grant funds may be available to assist organizations to provide training.

If the company is willing to bring in a contracted trainer, I had a good experience with AQS as a trainee.

If the company prefers to buy media so training refreshers and follow up are available, you might consider those whose methods can be reviewed before buying, like these: (broken link removed)

I hope this helps!


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Are any of the training providers accredited under ISO/IEC 17024?
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