ISO 14001:2015 Clause 6.1: Actions to address Risks & Opportunities



Hi All

We are implementing 14001:2015 in our organisation. I need your help. Kindda lost in section 6.1 which explains the actions to address risks & opportunities followed by subsections

6.1.2 Environmental aspects
6.1.3 Compliance obligation.
6.1.4 Planning action

If I interpreted correctly, we require to identify Risks & opportunities, Environmental aspects & impacts, Compliance obligation and actions to address significant aspects, compliance obligations and risks & opportunities.

Does this mean we require the following documents

1. Risks & opportunities Register
2. Environmental Aspect & Impact Register
3. Compliance Obligation Register

Kindly help on how to comply with these requirements.

Thanks in advance


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Have you looked at Appendix "A" in the back of the Standard for help? Lots of great stuff there.

OK now look back at 6.1, is there any requirement for any "Register"? Nope there's only a requirement to document certain pieces of information, and you get to choose the format, so make it anything that works for you.

Finally, why have 3 documents when 1 will suffice? Is there anything that says you can't combine everything together? Nope, a simple Excel spreadsheet or something similar is what I normally see during the audits I've done.

Finally, where does it say that you can't use what you may have already had that could be modified to fit the current need? Nowhere, so why re-invent the wheel?


Nice to see some good strong advice - just about to go and find quotes for our recert so fingers crossed the updates I have done are enough
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