ISO 14001 - Electronics multinationals forcing suppliers to register


Les Calder

Does anyone know which electronics multinationals have forced suppliers to become ISO 14001 compliant worldwide?


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I'm not sure. Why don't you give Motorola procurement in Phoenix or Austin and ask? Do let us know if you find out. I'd like to know.


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On 1/31/00 4:39 PM, X wrote:

> How have you been?

OK! Not great, but OK!

> I wanted to let you know that we had our first surveillance audit last week and
> we had NO non-conformities (not counting the one I spotted that the auditor
> missed)! He looked at Contract Review, Product Design, & Customer Supplied
> Material (beside the usuals). I continue to say "is that it?"

If you know it you know it!

> Anyway, we are getting some rumblings from our customers about ISO14001.

Yes - it's finally gaining steam... Rearing its ugly head, so to speak... Ford and GM (and , I think, Chrysler) are now requiring it....

> We bought a copy of the standard and I have read it but I was wondering if you
> knew of any classes or books for interpereting what the standard asks for. The
> standard almost seems to easy in that we already have most of the systems (doc
> control, corrective action, etc.) in place and we (by law) already monitor
> emissions and discharges and perform environmental audits. Any thoughts?
> Regards,
> X

As you saw in the news with the WTO situation recently, the environment is becoming an issue. ISO14001 in the US has not been a big issue because the US has such stringent environmental standards that - well, there's the typical ISO requirement for a POLICY to be stated, but that's about it. A bit more documentation, as usual. As with ISO900x, there is a big element of (world wide consideration) liability addressed.

You also have some stuff that is standard ISO such as 4.3.3 Objectives and Targets.

If you think back, we had a matrix with the ISO900x requirements in rows. I don't know if you kept it or discarded it as your understanding increased - many companies do discard it as 'overhead'. But, you can sync 14001 to 9001. Do remember, your systems manual is to ISO Draft 2 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 is structured like ISO9001:1994.

In so far as books and such, Jack Kanholm's book is a basic 'revelation' book - 1.) Requirement, 2.) Documentation, 3.) Evidence/Records, 4.) Audit structure is simple and sufficient. If you want to get into more detail with some philosophy and such there is Don Sayre's book Inside ISO 14000.

What I would do is get your boss to send you to an ISO14001 Lead Auditor class. Have your interpretation questions ready. That will give you the basics of what they're looking for.

The cheap option is to ask questions in the ISO 14001 And Other Environmental Specs forum here at the Cove!


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I need some help really fast. I have a client that wants to do their initial 14K registration audit by mid-Dec this year. A gap was done in May with about a bushel full of majors and a bunch of minors. I think the auditor they used was trying to drum up consulting business and was overly hard on an immature management system. They hired me mainly because I told them they didn't need someone 40 hours a week to help impliment the system, and that they had many components in place already. Now I get all the billable hours I want at almost 50% above my original fee for being honest. I really want to help this company be a success in this endeavor.

I need some verbage to give to the procurement/contracting folks of this company that they can relay to suppliers and business partners about addressing aspects (4.3.1 & 4.4.3). This is something that is not done as of yet and I think they need to show attempts to control or influence other organizations aspects and environmental awareness.

Give me some ideas on how to approach suppliers on this issue.



Randy, I have been struggling with the same thing for our suppliers.
I was thinking about sending our policy to our suppliers and adding the following statement:
Our continued success as business partners depends on your coomittment to helping us maintain a clean and safe environment. ISO14001 is the standard for establishing environmental controls. Please advise us on your intent to establish this standard as a goal for your organization.

Just a thought.
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