ISO 14001 Environmental Policy Examples


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Environmental Policy

Seeking some examples of Environmental policies. OK, folks, let's hear some good ones, please! :thedeal:

I'll start with this one:
Environmental Policy

Company X's environmental mission includes conducting its business in compliance with required environmental laws, regulations and permits. The Company works to continuously improve environmental performance in all operations. Natural resources are conserved to the maximum extent by providing products from recycling, sustainable forestry and energy conservation. Our policy is intended to help develop long-term benefits for all employees, our communities and the various stakeholders of our company. Specifically:

* Employees and contractors must comply with all applicable environmental rules and regulations.

* Clear lines of communication for all environmental programs and audits are established and maintained.

* All operations are managed in an environmentally-sensitive manner by emphasizing conservation through source reduction, recycling, and the use of renewable resources.

* Employees are trained to respond to environmental situations by taking appropriate action to meet regulatory requirements, and to report immediately any release of hazardous materials to a supervisor or to the Site Environmental Coordinator.

* To help assure compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, a Site Environmental Coordinator regularly monitors and audits environmental performance at each facility.

* Our company actively works with regulators and legislators to help develop environmental programs and public policy based on sound science.
and this one

Company X produces aromatic chemicals. Considering the potential impacts of this industry on the environment, The company management has paid special attention to the importance of Environmental Protection during the design and from the startup of It's production units.

Believing in the fact that the Earth, this God Almighty's natural gift should remain intact and a suitable place for mankind so that future generations like earlier ones would benefit it upon their share and right of living, has made the company's management determined to acquire Environmental Management System ISO- 14001 in order to assure the effectiveness, and increase the efficiency of their continuing environmental actions.

All the employees and colleagues are expected to assist the company's management with the execution of procedures and work instructions together with their expertise and special attention to any significant environmental impacts of their activities.

We are committed to maintain and carry out the country's current and future environmental regulations and to keep in continuous contact with related organizations towards the control and reduction of environmental pollution resulting from the activities of this company and to introduce continual improvements toward the achievements of the specified objectives and targets.

With emphasis on implementation of system requirements, undersigned would appoint complex deputy manager as his authorized representative to ensure the effective performance of this Environmental Management System.

I found a LONG one at /enviro/envpol.html

I'm looking for something simple like:

Company X is committed to delivering the highest standards of environmental policy implementation in the management of its retail and leisure property portfolio.

Company X consults employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers alike, in order to maintain high standards.

The Company will continuously strive to achieve compliance with current legislation, particularly in the areas of;

* Energy, its efficient use and impact on the environment.
* Waste and water management, and minimisation of use.

Our Company will endeavour to include environmental consideration in the design and refurbishment of properties, applying and installing wherever practicable, current best to practise technology.

Our commitment includes continuous monitoring and feedback, in order to adopt a responsible and positive approach to environmental issues.


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Combining Quality and Environmental Systems

I like how "...Quality/Environmental Systems Team (QuEST)..." are combined.


We just had numerous meetings to change our policy. The previous EMR had one that was two pages, and when I took over, thought it would be much easier to shorten is the final vote:

The Company shall produce products that meet or exceed Customer Expectations while operating in an Environmentally responsible manner. The Company's Management Team is committed to implementing an effective environmental management system designed to accomplish our strategic business objectives while fulfilling our responsibility as a good industrial neighbor in the Greater Toronto Area.

We shall:

· Conduct business so that environmental challenges are managed as an integral part of current and changing business strategies

· All departments within The Company review each aspect of our activities to develop a complete understanding of their environmental impact. Based on this analysis we determine and implement control methods ensuring that the potential for negative environmental impact is minimized.

· Communicate environmental issues throughout The Company

· Comply with all Governmental, Provincial and local environmental laws, while also meeting our own environmental commitments.

· Promote pollution prevention

· Continually improve the environmental management system.


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Re: Example of Env. Policy

Originally posted by DOKeefe

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Good one! Short and to the point. Thanks!


Re: Example of Env. Policy

I have found this one and think its clear and to the point
www. .uk/ eng/ aboutus/ environmental_policy.html

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