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Environmental Policy

We are going for self-declaration to ISO 14000 and I could sure use some Environmental Policy examples. I'm getting rather cramped for time since we must self-declare by 12/31/02. Anyone have one to share?


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We are committed to comply with all environmental regulations and other requirements regarding our environmental conduct while continually improving upon our activities, products, and services to effectively prevent pollution.

In order prove our committment to the environment and future generations it is our intent to activily promote the education of our employees with special emphasis towards their increasing personal environmental performance.

We will utilize as system of internal and external audits that will provide us information regarding the success of our EMS implementation and its effectiveness and will make this policy available to any interested party.

How's that?

$1,000 please;)


Manoj ,
Thanks for that one too. I think with these two examples I am ready to finish ours.

June Ang - 2005

Env Policy - 5Cs

Our environmental policy has been simplified into 5Cs which is different from the common 5Cs for qualification of a boy friend(condominium, car, credit card, care & certificate).


Counter Action & Prevention of Pollution



Continual Improvement

June Ang - 2005

Ok Randy, here is it. This is the simplified version which we have make it in pocket size and distributed for every staff.

Compliance with all the applicable environmental laws, regulations, policies, standards and code of practices.

Counter Action & Prevention of Pollution by planning, designing, executing and completing all operations in a manner that minimise environmental risks.

Communication with our employees, vendors, customers and the affected indivisual, communities and government bodies.

Competence of staffs and contractors secured on the basis of appropriate education, training and experience.

Continual improvement of environmental performance.
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