ISO 14001 Implementation - Section 4.1 Monitoring and Measurement



I am implementing ISO 14001 and need help in the following areas:
1. Section 4.1 Monitoring and Measurement
Could someone give me some ideas on this. What I need to pu together and how to get started with this section.

Jon Shaver

1. Create a method for making sure you comply with relevant regulations (you must know what these regs are). For example, a meeting with regulatory and operations people reviewing requirements of pertinent regs.
2. Define the measurements that you will use in monitoring prgress against your env'l objectives (objectives need to be measureable) & take these measurements. For instance, if your objective is to reduce daily air emissions by 50% then measure the emmissions each day. Obviously equipment taking measurements must be properly calibrated.
By the way the M&M section of 14000 is 4.5.1. I presume your reference to 4.1 is a typo.


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Hiya Jon,

To reopen this old thread I pose questions.

Do only those processes that are involved in an Aspect need to be monitored?

Do ALL measuring devices (guages, scales, flowmeters, etc) need to have calibration records, or only those that measure processes that may impact the environment if they are incorrect? (We're not talking quality here just EMS)
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