ISO 14001 in the field of IT



ISO14001 in the field of IT

We provide with IT services to multi-national investment banks mainly in Tokyo. We also have a large data center in Yokohama Japan. You will be too much appreciated if you provide us with sample ISO14001 related procs and records of your data center.

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ISO 14000 has 17 elements and 14 required procedures.

Make whatever procedures you want, just be sure to follow them and that each element is covered as well as each required procedure.

The secret to success is 'simplicity'.


ISO 14000

I dont know anything about ISO 14000

I have a doubt. Is this certification applicable to companies who discharge effluents or any products going into the atmosphere.

Why I ask is, I am working in a softrware company. We dont discharge any effluents as by product. There is no smoke from chimneys etc.

My question is: Can we go in for ISO 14000 certfication

Can others enlighten me please
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