ISO 14001 Self Declaration - I'm guessing most companies don't go this route



I don't see much of anything in the forums on the subject of self declaration, so I'm guessing most companies don't go this route. Our upper management has decided to self declare for now and later on go for the third party cert. About a month ago I was "turned loose" to get this thing going and have to meet the deadline of Dec 31, 2002 for self declaration. Can anyone help me out on the specific requirements for self declaration.

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I believe that self-declaration is just that - you are declaring that you comply with ISO-14001 on your own, without an objective, 3rd party, verification. The main reason you don't see many companies do this is because our customers are mandating 3rd party certification, therefore we don't have the option to self-declare.

If it is not a mandate to be certified, then you can self-declare. I presume that self-declaration is typically a financial decision usually taken by smaller companies (certification cycle is approx. $20K - $30K). BUT, if you do self-declare, be ready to back it up if a customer (or other interested party) wants to assess your system for themselves.

Randy may have more info on this subject.



The last I heard GM required a minimum of self certification by Dec. 31,2002. We make service parts for GM, which is why the Dec. 31 deadline.
I guess my thinking is that there should be some type of requirements as what individual is qualified to say "OK we declare that we comply with all the ISO14001 requirements". And is the self declaration simply a written statement OR is there some type required of form or something? should it be published in some fashion OR is the self declaration just something that is given to the customer that requires it??


I would check with your GM buyer to see exactly what they need. I have found that when dealing with any three people at any big 3 automaker you will get three different answers to the same question.

To my knowledge there is no "self declaration form" to fill out. I would expect they would want a letter and some type of objective evidence, such as internal audit records.



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Just be able to back the claim up with good solid evidence like Dean said.

One method you could use if you have the funds is to hire an independent auditor to perform a special systems audit for you. Not meaning to step on any toes, I'd recommend that if you choose to do this, use an auditor that is credentialed by one of the accredetation bodies like RAB, IRCA or whatever. Try to get one that holds the highest set of credentials available. This doesn't mean that uncredentialled people aren't capable or good, but any report written by an EMS-LA or Senior Auditor may be taken more seriously because of the Code of Conduct/Ethics that binds them and they themselves being audited as to the performance of their work.
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We supply Allison and are also required to self-declare by 12/31/02. I believe there is a form to fill out and send them. I think I have one and will look around for it. We are working on aspects right now while I assemble the team which is going to make this work. Are you QS or have you went for TS?


The GM form for ISO14001 status is located on their website. If you are a GM supplier you should have received an e-mail to that affect.


We did not receive email notice of anything from GM. I am guessing because we only provide service parts and somehow we just fell through the cracks. We only found out about the ISO14001 requirement through our QS third party auditor at our last survelliance audit. I was able to locate the one person in our organization that had access to the GM supplier website. I then was able to locate the needed information and forms.

Thank-you to all that helped me out with my questions. Wish me luck!

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