ISO 14001 Slogans and Kick Off Ideas


Greg Maggard

Hello All,
I am putting together a slogan for my ISO14k. Simular to my Mission Statement and Quality Slogans. I am looking for some good Ideas. I am also having a a kick off in 1 month for the ISO14k:p
I am going to have a contest of sorts.......:confused: Thought you might help by examples of good slogan criteria.

Come to my aid Cove....please. two programs at one time is a:ko:



Is this just a slogan, or the Environmental Policy (with obligatory commitment to comply, etc etc.)?


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It's slogan time.....

Prevent the mess with EMS!

Environmental protection is on with 14000 and 1!

We're gonna do it right with an EMS in the fight!!

Start the slogan thing here.:bigwave:

E Wall

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Keep our Company and Community clean, learn from the EMS team.

Keep us safe and clean, join the EMS team.

Prevent pollution with the ISO 14001 solution.

Coming up with catchy rhymes this early in the morning is tough!

:bigwave: Eileen


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Pollution Prevention is our Intention!

Conserving today....Protecting tomorrow! (I know it doesn't rhyme, but not all slogans do!)

We give the Environment, two green thumbs up!

Greg Maggard

The slogans are pretty clever:bonk: I like them. The Managers here are getting a kick on the informations the Cove has to offer.
I'm thankful for you guys. :D

I would like to tie in an EMS statement to fit nicely along with my current statements. Here are the Mission Statement and Quality statement that we are using:


The Policy at Kokoku Rubber, Inc. is to provide a quality product through world class productivity methods, providing cost efficient products on time, every time, which exceed our customers’ expectations.


By fully understanding our customers’ requirements we will establish and maintain long term relationships through teamwork, joint efforts and continuous improvement.


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John Swartz

Practice Environmental CPR: Conserve resources, Prevent pollution, Recycle.

I got a phone call from a lieutenant of the EPA in D.C. when he read an article about our ISO14001 efforts with our slogan included.

Use it if you like it!


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Good and simple Greg.....

Now just say that you will commit yourselves to preventing pollution through the contininual improvement of your processes and complying with all applicable regulations and your willingness to share with and include your stakeholders in this effort.

Greg Maggard


If you are refering to my thread start just sloagan.
If you are refering to the program EMS I would say the O&T's of the Company and environment.:confused:

That is my take on the subject.....
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