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I'm not sure if there is a specific form but it sounds like a topic that should be investigated as part of a PR/APQP/product Launch process, possible a checksheet to document that environmental concerns are being addressed.

I'm not too well versed in the new ISO but I soon will be when the revised TS is released.

Update: Sorry Cheryl, I thought I was responding to the ISO-9000 forum. But hey, I'll leave it here as a reminder to read the posts and threads fully before responding. :eek:


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D.F.E. Form

Just completed our pre-assessment audit and our registrar made reference to a D.F.E., Design for Environment form/questionnaire. Is anyone familiar with this? I would appreciate a copy of this if possible.


I don't know of a specific form but I've seen Environmental FMEA's used effectively in the design process.

I think any methodology that is used to show that you have considered specific environmental criteria during design of a process or product will work. Just have records to prove it.


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You may want to check this out. It may help you out. Also check out what FORD has on their ISO 14000 page. There may be something there.

ISO 14040 – Life cycle assessment – Principles and framework
Description: This standard provides a clear overview of the practices, applications and limitations of life cycle assessments (LCA). It provides the reader with the guiding principles for undertaking and reporting LCA programs in a manner that is transparent, responsible and consistent. This standard is designed to provide even a novice with a basic understanding of LCA.


Check out the USEPA web site. You will find guidance for establishing an environmental management program, including sample checklists for life cycle assessment.


where can I find an environmental-FMEA?

I'm writing my diploma thesis on integrating an EMS into QMS at an automotive suppplier. Anything that helps is received gladly.

Does anyone have anything on EMS and QS9k ISO9k:2k and ISO/TS16949?

Thanks for your help.

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