ISO 14067 - Any information on the new ISO 14067 and what it will look like?



Does anyone have information on the new ISO 14067 and what it will look like?

Here is what Manufacturing News said about it in the September 30, 2009 Vol. 16, No. 16 issue:

The International Standards Organization has published a draft standard aimed at measuring the carbon footprint for the lifecycle of products. The proposed standard, ISO 14067, will be used to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions from companies and their activities. A precise measure of a carbon footprint "is a powerful tool for de-carbonizing the product supply chain," says Klaus Radunsky, chairman of the ISO working group developing the standard.

ISO 14067 will allow executives to make comparisons of companies in their supply chains and "between different products, between the same product and different producers and between the same product from the same producer in different locations," says Radunsky. "In this way, it safeguards the survival of companies in the changing regulatory and economic business landscape."

A first draft of the standard received 762 comments, "demonstrating wide interest and foreshadowing a significant uptake," Radunsky notes. "Broad agreement was achieved on the introduction, scope and methodological framework" for the new standard.

An important part of ISO 14067 addresses the topic of "communication" of a company's carbon footprint measure to other businesses and consumers. It includes guidance on labeling products. "Quantifications will address topics such as the electricity supply system, land-use changes, soil carbon change, carbon storage, carbon capture and carbon sequestration," according to Radunsky. "However, the details of these requirements still need to be further developed."

Companies that have a low carbon footprint will be able to advertise their efforts to combat global warming. "The aim is for ISO 14067 to become a user-friendly tool, which should help users not only to make strategic decisions on product design, but also day-to-day operational decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along the supply chain," says Radunsky, a Nobel Peace Laureate and head of the Federal Environmental Agency in Vienna, Austria. "It is also important to solicit feedback on lessons learned especially from small- and medium-sized enterprises."

The ISO is also developing a new set of standards for energy management systems. "Product standards have been around for a long time, but the use of international standards to manage how an organizations functions, rather than the nature of their product, has been growing," according to Edwin Pinero, chairman of ISO's energy management standards group.

Energy management standards are being developed for industrial and commercial facilities "to manage all aspects of energy, including procurement and use," says Pinery. "The urgent need for a management tool to tackle the critical issue of energy, combined with an urgency to harmonize the proliferation of similar national standards, has resulted in a very fast-moving and smooth international standards development process." The new standard should be ready by the end of 2010.



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Re: ISO 14067 - Any information?

Yep...the the ISO Energy standard will probably be based upon EN16001

14067 is still in working draft and under development

You interested in 14065?


Re: ISO 14067 - Any information?

Yes, I am interested in both. My organization does consulting work with manufacturers, and I do ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 work as part of the consulting I do. We are also involved in Greenhouse Gas and other Green work - and wanted to keep abreast of the new Standards as they are developing.

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