ISO 17020 concerns of independence & impartiality of services

We are in the process of implementing an ISO 17020 (type A), but we have some activities that might affect the independence & impartiality of the services - below I have listed the activity concerns:

AC 1: We are representing the seller with a service designed to help the seller through the stowage and transportation process, as well as providing a neutral services on behalf of both buyer and seller where we have to act independently to confirm that quantity and quality requirements are met.

AC 2: We also in some cases act on behalf of the state to inspect that the transportation process meet state regulations (even though we provide the a service in the stowage and transportation process – then we are still allowed to act as the inspector on behalf of the state).

AC 3: A similar scenario of AC 1, where the same company, but is different departments is both the seller and buyer; so essentially the same company (internal trade).

Can these activities be sanctioned under the Type A? - the three services(with the above mentioned activity concerns) are only provided for one customer.

Sidney Vianna

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I suspect you wont get many answers on this, here. At the end of the day, the only answer that counts is the one of the accreditation body, assuming you are seeking accreditation to ISO 17020.

Unfortunately, for the most part, representatives of AB's tend not to come out in the open, over here. They read and monitor the discussions, but never chime in.

Anyway, good luck.

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