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ISO 17021-1 Management of impartiality - Why is this collusion allowed?

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
ISO 17021-1 has multiple requirements related to the management of impartiality by CB's. In a note under 5.2.3, it clarifies that "inducements for the referral of new clients" is a source of threats to impartiality.

A large CB has material in their website that clearly shows they offer many inducements to consultants who refer new clients to them. So, there you have it. Collusion in plain sight between CB's and consultants and where are the AB's to police this? Don't bother answering as this is a rhetorical question... I am just taken aback how brazenly the CB violates the requirement in front of everyone and nothing gets done.

Actually, I see more and more CB's promoting "friendly" consultants...referring to them as a "certification consultant"...guess we don't have management system consultants anymore, just certification consultants.
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