ISO 17025 Clause 4.6 Purchasing Services & Supplies (Compliance)



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I need your help regarding ISO 17025 clause 4.6 Purchasing Services & Supplies. What do i have to do for me to comply with it? What kind of services & supplies are it exactly asking? BTW, we are a calibration lab.


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Let's look at the paragraphs:

4.6.1 - You must have a policy and procedure for selecting and purchasing services and supplies. These will include labs that you send your standards out to for repair or calibration (services) and things like pH solutions that you use for calibrations. You need to document how you choose who you are doing business with.

4.6.2 - You must insure that things purchased are not used until they have been verified to be adequate for use. You must keep records that they have been verified. That can be verifying the information on the bottle matches the information on the certificate and meets the lab's purchase requirements, signing and dating this review on the certificate or whatever program you choose to use. This also applies to instruments returning from outside calibrations. You need to verify that the calibration was adequate to your needs and that the instrument is functioning before releasing it for use.

4.6.3 - Your purchasing documents must list the requirements that the suppliers must meet to provide adequate products and services. And they have to be reviewed and approved before releasing them. You should mark these documents as approved and keep a copy for your records to show that they were reviewed and approved.

4.6.4 - You must evaluate your suppliers, you must show records of how you evaluated them, and you must maintain a list of approved suppliers.

You MUST do everything listed that says you SHALL do them. If it calls for a procedure or policy you must write and record them. If it talks about records you must keep them.
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