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ISO 17025 - How to define a "Test Equipment" ?



In a test lab- is the definition of test equipment the equipment used to control the test?

The standard appears to call out three types of equipment- sampling equipment, measurement equipment, and test equipment.

5.5 Equipment
5.5.1 The laboratory shall be furnished with all items of sampling, measurement and test equipment required for the correct performance of the tests and/or calibrations (including sampling, preparation of test and/or calibration items, processing and analysis of test and/or calibration data).

Then the standard goes into equipment software. Reason I ask is related to software version control. Specifically software verson control for test equipment. Do we need to identify the software and software version for the test equipment as part of the test record?
Re: How to define a "Test Equipment" ?

Full disclosure: I don't know much about ISO 17025.
...but borrowing from other standards, I'll take a stab at answering.

I believe the intent is to ensure that all documented tests are repeatable.
...and if repeated, the repeated test should (presumably) yield the same results.

SO, if the software version of the test equipment plays a role in either the repeatability of the test, or obtaining the documented test results, then yes, it should be included.
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