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Hello once again ALL! I have run into what should not be an issue, but I just want to get it dialed in right. I am QM of a small laboratory and setting up the Job Descriptions. As many of us know, I do not have any desire for the descriptions to be too "descriptive" if you catch my drift, but rather to just lay out the organizational structure and give the general responsibilities, organizational relationships (w/ chart), and requirements. Does anyone have an example of this type of document?

We only have a GM, LabMan, QM, CalTechs, and Shipping/Rec. A very small company with people possibly serving multiple roles.

Thanks as always with the help and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Dear itsbiodiversity:

I am a lab Quality consultant in Ecuador, to some of my clients, auditors of the Accreditation Body have stablished a non conformity due to the job descriptions were not enough detailed. So the labs had to correct that issue by describing the staff functios in a more detailed way. In case it would help you, I'm attaching an example of these descriptions.

Sorry for my English.



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