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Can anyone help me pinpoint the registrars that work with 17025. I am trying to estimate costs. Thanks


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I don't know that much about 17025 registrars. You might want to ask on Greg Gogates listserer. They're the professionals up to their ears in it.

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NSF has an agreement with LAB to provide certification to 17025. The certificate still comes from LAB, but NSF does all of the adminstration and they can "merge" the audit with ISO 9000 or other standards and use the same auditor for both, assuming the auditor is qualified for both. It depends on your scope. They apparently have this agreement with other registrars. Check out:

You may also be able to find out more through A2LA at



Originally posted by april:
Can anyone help me pinpoint the registrars that work with 17025. I am trying to estimate costs. Thanks

Who the regisrars are depends on where you are ... as you are not registered then we don't know that. Here are some sources to get you started.

United States:


An international organization that specifically works in this area is ILAC - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

This should help get you started. All of these organizations have very helpful information about laboratory accreditation in general as well as details of their programs.

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I don't have time to search myself but you might check -

The following companies have submitted their databases for inclusion in Quality Digest's North American ISO 9000 registered companies database. If your registrar is not listed, please contect them and request that they participate.

To accesss list of Registrars go to:

View 'Rating the Registrars' article:

Best of luck, Eileen

PS: If you search for 17025 when on the registrar details list you should get a few hits.

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For the laboratory accreditation, the most recognized registrat is
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). They have international reciprocal agreements.Accrreditation will be for calibration and/or testing labs.
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