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19011 is still a DIS it has not yet been released. It should be released within 6 months.


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Updated: 5 March, 2002

ISO 19011 progresses to Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage

At the recent meeting in Vancouver, delegates to the Joint Working Group voted to progress the draft to the FDIS stage. Prior to the meeting, the USA had advertised widely its opposition to inclusion within the DIS of some elements relating to auditor qualifications, but in the event their position was not supported and the JWG recommended that ISO progress the draft to FDIS with no substantive changes.

Our information is that the expected issue date is now October or November, 2002.

ISO 19011; A new standard for auditors:

All auditors need to be aware of the development of ISO 19011, the new standard that combines into one document the auditing guidelines for quality management systems (ISO 10011) and environmental management systems (ISO 14010, 11 & 12). The standard is intended as guidance to all auditors including those who audit internally within their own organisation.

The effect of this new standard

The certification criteria against which IRCA evaluates all auditors are based on the internationally recognised auditing guidelines. Any significant change in the auditing standard will therefore require a similar change in the certification criteria.

It is very likely that the new standard will include some significant changes. The IRCA criteria will be amended to incorporate any such changes. These changes may be reflected both at the initial certification stage and at the three-yearly renewal.

IRCA is monitoring very closely the progress in development and will provide information in a Q&A format when the nature of the changes becomes clearer, at around the time of issue of the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).

Click here to read a recent article on the development of ISO 19011 by Dick Hortensius, who serves as Secretary of the JWG responsible for the development of the standard. The article is reproduced by kind permission of the journal, ISO Management Systems.

Timetable for Development & Issue:

November 1999 Committee Draft 1 (CD1) released for comment
April 2000 CD2 circulated for ballot
November 2000 CD 3 circulated for ballot
June 2001 Draft International Standard (DIS) released for comment
January 2002 JWG votes to progress DIS to Final Draft International Standard (FDIS)
October/November 2002 ISO 19011:2002 scheduled for issue

Auditors who are interested in knowing more about this new standard are advised to contact their National Standards Body or the International Organization for Standardisation.


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The vote on the FDIS was held June 13 - Aug 13. Has anybody heard how it went? I'm already starting to teach about it in Lead & Internal Auditor courses.


:vfunny: Here is a Spanish version of the ISO/FDIS 19011.
Enjoy it!


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Leading Audit to Conclusion

Hi Randy,

Since you are teaching auditing techniques accordance to ISO 19011.

Hope that you could give some insight over this:

In 7.2.2 Generic knowledge and skills of audit team leaders, it stated that audit team leader should lead the audit team to reach audit conclusion;

May I know what are the way to achieve this and how to do this?

It puzzle me as I don't have an idea to go through the process, my understanding will be I will need the audit team to fully understand the objectives of the audit plan before they would know how to proceed from there, will this be the way?

Please help out on this.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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