ISO 20000 Implementation Guide and Compliance Checklist wanted




Can you send me ISO 20000 Implementation guide and compliance-checklist?

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Can you send me ISO 20000 Implementation guide and compliance-checklist?


Your IT services organization probably already delivers quality services most of the time.

I know that word "implementation" suggests that you are to ignore the service management system you've already got. But this would be a mistake.

Work with top management to study the way your organization already works with customers and suppliers to determine the needs of customers and to fulfill their requirements.

This should form the basis for the management system you want your colleagues to use and improve to enhance IT services.

Work with process owners to analyze your processes and document your procedures sufficient for effective planning, operation and control by competent employees. Pay particular attention to process objectives and actions taken to prevent problems.

Ensure top management owns the process "investing in continual improvement".

Do not impose procedures written around ISO 20000 until you and your colleagues agree that the process does not exist and is needed; then design it in consultation with the people expected to make it work.

Train process teams in any new processes and train the leaders sell the value of their SMS.

Audit the SMS to fulfill audit objectives from top management and report the results for overdue corrective action. BTW, corrective action from audit is overdue because it should already have come from users monitoring the effectiveness of their processes and procedures.

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ISO20000 is one of the more complex standard to implement and progress towards a successful certification. Your organisation will probably already be delivering some/many/all of the activities the standard requires, but is unlikely to be doing them to the detail it contains.

Having implemented three ITSMS and achieved three ISO20000 certificates, this is a minimum 6-9 month project (dependent on size of organisation and allocated resources), so I think it unlikely you will get the answer you seek in a single implementation guide or checklist.

Google search for ITSMF UK, and click through to their online bookstore and select IT Service Management for a selection of suitable resources.
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