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ISO 22000:2018 - Operational Prerequisite Program Examples

Hello everyone,

As a new member in your forum, I kindly ask you to accept my apologies if my inquiry below has been discussed before:

I am looking for 2-3 (or more) typical OPRP examples and their control criteria (action limits) for example for catering opeations.

Can anyone suggest a couple of practical examples from his/her experience?

Thank you

An OPRP example we have in a food manufacturing site would be

Empty containers are inverted and blown with air pre-filling.

a) Start-up checks confirm the pressure cut out failsafe is operational
b) Routine checking of the air pressure

a) Line stops when air pressure is reduced below x psi
b) Pressure is verified as being between x and y psi

Does this help?


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OPRP Catering Example

Process Step - Receiving/Delivery of Stock

Hazards: Chemical From Non-segregated storage, Physical Dust & Dirt, Biological from Biological Contamination, Temperature Abuse

Likelihood: Low to Moderate

Severity: High to Medium

Control Measures Do Exist Through: Cleaning and Sanitation, Temp Control, Hygiene Programs
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