Hi Feldspath, welcome!
PM software ISN'T going to be satisfactory for actually building an ISO 22301 BCMS, however.
Why would that be so? Which particular features are there in a BCMS software but not in Microsoft Project?
Won't it depend on the size of the organization? ;I agree that a large organization would need a custom BCMS software but what about a small organization?

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Hello feldspath.

My wishlist if there ever would an "All-Inclusive, Everything-On-it-BCMS Software" would be the following features:

1. Ability to perform a business impact analysis - capturing inputs from all stakeholders, evaluating the consequences based on realistic metrics and then prioritizing the processes, services, activities in terms of significance.

2. Ability to perform risk assessment - drawing data on threats and vulnerabilities from the corporate experience; national and international weather and climactic agencies; police and military databases; financial organizations; attrition rates from other organizations, etc. Such data would be geographic specific.

3. Ability to determine risk streatment strategies - picking up available treatment strategies; performing cost-benefit analysis; determining required resources to implement controls, etc.

4. Ability to write the plans - emergency plans, continuity plans, etc.

5. Ability to manage documented information - from creation, revision, distribution, access control, obsoletion, etc.

The above are just a few aspects of a BCMS that I would like to see handle by a single system or software. Most of the above cannot be done by MS Project.

I could the above though using a spreadsheet and word-processing software.



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