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ISO 80369-7 Publication Date - 10/14/2016


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Has anyone found a definite publish date for ISO 80369-7? It looks like -20 was published at the end of May.


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Re: 80369-7

Thanks your for the information. Are you part of the committee? Do you know if they had many any changes since the DIS document was published for purchase?


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Re: ISO 80369-7 Publication Date

I am, but I haven´t been active for some time (I´m only following the drafts and comments, but haven´t gone to meetings). JWG 4 had a meeting in March and 80369-7 was on the discussion. But I haven´t got an report or updates yet.


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ISO 80369-7 Publication Date


My company sells the Reference Connectors for ISO 594 and soon ISO 80369-7. I have also been following closely the progress of the new ISO 80369-7. According to the ISO website; ISO 80369/FDIS 80369-7 has been in stage 50.00 since January of 2016. It is odd that a specification would languish in stage 50.00 because this is really just a holding point while the document can be formatted for voting and then released to stage 50.20. I asked why it is stuck. I got an unofficial answer that the ISO committee was waiting on some physical testing to be completed.

Are you interested in other parts of ISO 80369?
ISO 80369-3 is at stage 60.00; which is like 50.00, just a holding stage for document formatting before moving to 60.20 which is published.
ISO 80369-6 was published in March of 2016.
ISO 80369-20 was published in May of 2015.

I hope this bit of data helps.


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Re: ISO 80369-7 Publication Date

Thanks for that bit of info, I had asked a AAMI rep when it was expected to move to 50.20 but that date given has come and gone. I too was surprised that it was sitting in 50.00 for so long. I was under the impression from reading the ISO directives it could only sit at a certain stage for 3 months but was told that was not true.

With ISO 13485 coming out, The EU MDR being approved and ISO 80369-7 Hopefully coming soon its going to be a wild couple of years!
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