ISO 9000 - Based on 8 management principles - What are they?



The revision of ISO 9000 is said to be "based on 8 management principles which reflect best management practices". I'm not sure of the meaning of two of those; "system approach to management" and "factual approach to decisionmaking". Can anyone please explain?


System Approach to Management - Identifying, understanding and managing a system of interrelated processes for a given objective improves the organizations effectiveness and effeciency. "Your Quality Management System"

Factual approach to decision making - Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information. "Types of input/data - Audits, NCR, CAR, Customer Complaints, etc."


I'll try to give my humble and summarized opinion :

1. Managing by considering the "big picture" and not only isolated departamental figures.

2. Making decisions based on data instead of "gut feeling".

Gus Gutierrez
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