ISO 9000 Documentation Requirements - Procedures and job instructions



Procedures and job instructions

I am writing the contract review section of our ISO9000 documentation and I am not sure what to include in the procedures and what should be put in the job instructions. Also should I try and keep a ISO9000 numbering for our procedures.



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The numbering issue is entirely up to you - should be defined in your systems procedures somewhere.

As far as content, it's hard to say. If you are a small company you may be able to get most of the info in your level 2. If you're a 'big' company probably not. I wouldn't get too hung up here. Remember that, by convention (the typical pyramid model), your level 2 says who does what and the level 3 (work instruction) says how - the details of what to do.

Can you cite one or more specific example(s)?

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Gotta go with Marc on that one. You may wany to look at some of the canned procedures Marc has here at the Cove for some starting point ideas.


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re: numbering

How big is the company, what would make more sense.....a number system that leads you to the ISO standard (this revision....)as the rule, or to your departments as in CSXXXX, versus QP203-001. Where CS is customer service XXX (sequential #), OR ....Qp is Quality procedure 2 (level 2)03 (element 3, contract Review)-001 (sequential #) there are several variations of that....but choose wisely as you will have to live with it for a ling time.....
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