ISO 9000 in Russia - Seeking opinions of DNV - Noregian Det Norske Veritas



Hello ALL,

I am a consultant for ISO 9000 issues in Russia. The standards are getting more and more sincere interest here in this country.
Not so much understanding, alas. Although our task is to make people look seriously at the standards BEFORE compliance to them gets crucial for business's existence in the market.

We are working in a team with the Noregian Det Norske Veritas. They are starting as registrars here in St.Petersburg.
Does someone know this company? how would you describe it in a couple of words?

A. Ovsianko
St.Petersburg, Russia

James Gutherson

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) ( ) are originally a Ship Classification Society, much like Lloyds Registar who are connected with Lloyds of London, the insurers. DNV branched out into Safety Certification for land based orgainsations and then into the ISO9000 area. This has led into consulting for both these fields. In Australia, they are definitely the largest ship Classification Society and one of the larger Certification bodies. I have worked with their Sydney consultants on an ISO9000 compliant system, and can highly recommend them. I would think they they have similar quality people throughout the world.

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Thank you, James,

I like working with them. The leading consultant of them is Russian, but he knows the standards and - most important - how to introduce and use them better than all I know. An experienced guy.

Many other ISO registrars here - Russian or Western - often imitate real certification.

I hope to overcome this and bring actual contribution to client companies - beyond mere one-time entrance to export markets or to relations with a ISO certified major client.

Anton Ovsianko
Quality systems consultant

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DNV has got a very good reputation (atleast in this part of the world!). They are very good at what they do. I have worked with them for the past 2 years for 3 companies in our group & would highly recommend them.

I dealt with DNV on my previous job. My impression is that they are very professional.

Their audits really added value to our operations, which is not something to take for granted.

/ Claes
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