ISO 9000 World Conference and Draft changes to new revision



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Here is a link to one of the many topics that will be covered at the next ISO 9000 World Conference. As always I will be attending but I thought this write up might be useful to many as it deals with some of the propsed change to the ISO 9001 standard.


Re: ISO World Conference and Draft changes to new revision

thanks for this article - it is very interesting to see the range of comments and information on the emerging new ISO 9001 standard revision

Kerrie Christian


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Note: This is a project/conference by the American Quality Institute (a for profit group) and is not related to the ISO standards organization.

Among other things, it lists a lot of companies and then does this * - "...organizations listed have participated at the ISO 9000 World Conference, Attendee participation
does not indicate or imply endorsement or sponsorship..."

In short, it is in the forefront of making $$$ on the Draft standard. They state: "...ISO 9001 is still in the revision process. Information in this conference should not be used by organizations to make changes to its quality management system or for legal agreements..."
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