ISO 9001:1994 vs. ISO 9001:2000 comparison matrix



This question is probably getting old, however, can anyone tell me where to find a matrix of the changes? Is this a premature question as changes are still in draft form?

I've looked, but haven't found a matrix 'per se'.

Any input is appreciated.


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If you purchase the CD draft there is a 'correspondence of clauses' matrix near the front (Table 5) on page 12.

As far as a 'changes matrix' - can't help except to say Robert Peach & Associates (919) 319-1982 has a 'side by side' comparison 'matrix'. I don't know if you can purchase it or not. On mine it says "Use is limited to authorized ISO committees, working groups and TAGs." It doesn't 'discuss' changes but matches, for example, 4.15 in the 1994 version to 7.5.4 in the projected year 2000 version.
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