ISO 9001:2000 - 4.2.3 Control of Documents - Used to be document and data control

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jethehiker - 2006

4.2.3 Control of Documents

I have read the standard I mising something or is control of data omitted..:confused:

David Mullins

Yep, you're missing something.
Document control used to be document and data control.
I could quip about needing to read more than the index, but I'm sure someone will give you a full translation on applicable clauses.

Might even be me if I could reach my copy of the standard.

David Mullins

If you look at your DATA as being records, 4.2.4 says that if you consider these to be quality records, they should be readily retrievable, etc.

What you include is up to you, but why would you limit data control on the basis of your enterpretation of 9001? 9001 allows a minimal approach - if this minimal approach is foolhardy from your business' perspective ..........
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