ISO 9001:2000 and the Process Approach vs. QS-9000




We are QS9000 certified company. I had the opportunity to help two of our sister concerns get certified to ISO9001-2000.

During this period, I got attracted to the process approach to quality management and would like to implement this in our main company without affecting the QS9000 compliance.

Opinion and suggestion in this matter will appreciated.Has anyone done this? If so, how have you addressed the process maps and process measurables in your documentation.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I haven't been involved with a company which has done this. ?ave any of you folks?

Randy Stewart

Cross Reference

We used the cross reference of QS and ISO to accomplish the "Process Approach".
It is a bit difficult at first considering how you have set up your QS system. Most companies (mine included) established procedures based on the QS elements. With the process approach you will need to encompass most of your QS procedures into different ISO processes.
Look at the cross reference table and see how they (elements) relate to the clauses in ISO 9k2k. It will take a bit of study but should be fairly easy to do.
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