ISO 9001:2000 Auditor Transition Course


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The online course I'm talking about is certified by the RAB (which means IRCA will probably accept it too) and written by TUV Essen. Everything you need is online, nothing extra to have or buy.


On-line courses

Hey, Randy, my boss needs to transition. What company are you taking it through (TUV?), and what is the URL so he can look at it?


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I took the course through

It's $199.95. In fact if you go to the RAB site you will find it listed under the 9K2K Transition courses.

There are a variety of discounts offered and an additional discount of 5% can be obtained by using dicount code: Maryland19

Some folks may say this type of training is bogus, but if the RAB says it's OK who cares?


What if I wasn't able to take a transition course?

Greetings everyone...

I have learned a lot from reading the posts. I'm currently a registered provisional quality auditor in the Philippines (ISO 9001:1994). I have not taken the transition course for 9001:2000. Does this mean that I have to take a lead auditor for 9k2k to be eligible for re-registration?

Best regards.

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