ISO 9001:2000 Implementation Project Plan - Seeking MS Project Template



Does anyone have a ISO9K Implementation Project Plan that they would share?
It doesn't matter the format, but I would prefer excel or btter yet MS Project .mpp file format.

Thanks everyone for your support!
I have been learning bunches of information.
Thank God for this forum!


I am working on a schedule, but if someone already create a project plan why duplicate effort? :rolleyes:


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The schedule *is* the implementation plan, as far as I'm concerned. If, however, you're looking for something as specific as telling how to do the training, for how long to do the training, who to provide training to, and the flow of implementation, well, that sort of thing is rather unique to each company and industry. The sample included in the module is, I believe, I very tool to help you develop an Implementation Plan tailored to what your company requires.



i know what you say,i have ones,but very simple,if you can read chinese,i give one to you


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qinlan said:
i know what you say,i have ones,but very simple,if you can read chinese,i give one to you

Thanks for the link! For those of us who don't read Chinese, I suggest going to BabelFish or some other free online translation site. For example, qinlan's Item#1 现场了解企业基本情况并制定咨询计划 translates to "Scene understanding enterprise basic situation and formulation advisory project". Translating english to english now ( :) ), "Initial assessment of project and plan development".

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One size fits all?

Surely the idea of a project plan is that it relates to a project - which we all know is a one off.


Quality System Development Plan

Here is what I found so far!

Quality System Development Plan
Step 1. Plan Your Iso 9000 Development Project
Step 2. Deliver Your Iso 9000 Awareness Program
Step 3. Develop Your Quality Assurance Program
Step 3.1. Develop Quality Leadership Program
Step 3.2. Develop Quality Design Program
Step 3.3. Develop Quality Purchasing Program
Step 3.4. Develop Quality Contracts Program
Step 3.5. Develop Quality Production Program
Step 3.6. Develop Quality Inventory Program
Step 3.7. Develop Quality Inspections Program
Step 3.8. Develop Quality Nonconformance Program
Step 3.9. Develop Quality Measurement Program
Step 3.10 Develop Quality Service Program
Step 3.11. Develop Quality Audit Program
Step 3.12. Develop Quality Training Program
Step 3.13. Integrate Preceding 12 Quality Programs
Step 4. Implement Your Quality Assurance Program
Step 4.1. Implement Quality Training Program
Step 4.2. Implement Quality Leadership Program
Step 4.3. Implement Quality Design Program
Step 4.4 Implement Quality Purchasing Program
Step 4.5 Implement Quality Contracts Program
Step 4.6 Implement Quality Production Program
Step 4.7 Implement Quality Inventory Program
Step 4.8 Implement Quality Inspections Program
Step 4.9 Implement Quality Nonconformance Program
Step 4.10 Implement Quality Measurement Program
Step 4.11 Implement Quality Service Program
Step 4.12 Implement Quality Audit Program
Step 5. Evaluate And Improve Your Quality System

Is this all I have to do?
Now that hard part is how many man hours will it take for a small business with about 60 personnel maybe ~30 processes?

Please help!
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