ISO 9001:2000 Implementation Project Plan - Seeking MS Project Template

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My preference would be to develop a process and implement it simultaneously. You will be making changes and documenting them on the fly. Expect to take 6 to 18 months to complete your project depending on how much support you get. It's best to have the process owners develop and document their processes.


RE: preference

I agree, but my boss wants a plan to show all the tasks and a timeline so that we stay on track. :mad:


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How does this conflict with Al's suggestion? For example, your plan would show the connection between Step 3.1 and Step 4.2 (obviously 4.2 is to be done after 3.1) and the time difference between the two of them.

It is up to you/your boss to decide if you wish to do 4.2 right after 3.1 or if you wish to hold off on all of Step 4 until Step 3 is complete. There is no right or wrong way to do this...quite often it's a trial and error. If you decide to hold off on Step 4 until Step 3 is complete, you may discover along the way that you need to implement part of Step 4 to help keep the momentum on Step 3 alive.

MarkJoel, I realize that you are new to the field of ISO, but have you taken an ISO 9001:2000 implementation course? I strongly urge you (and your senior management) to take this course. It may shed light on many of your concerns and provide you with the skills to develop an implementation plan to your liking.

More often than not, the content of ISO-related documentation (plans, audits, forms, etc.) are specific and unique to the company with the management system.

If you are questioning why there has been little response to this thread, perhaps it is because we do not know enough about your industry, your company or the goals that you have for your ISO 9001 system (e.g., desired registration date).

We can also not really provide feedback on your Plan if we do not know the current state of your system. I mean, have you done a Gap Analysis yet to determine where your organization stands on these items?

For example, surely your company has a Purchasing programme in place. How well does it conform to ISO 9001:2000? That information will help you determine the resources required (e.g., manhours required, training required, people required, etc.). You may find, after all, that Steps 3.3 and 4.4 require minimal, if any, modifying from you.


RE: ISO 9001:2000 implementation course

Any suggestions on where to get this training in Texas, USA?

I work in the telecom industry and shooting for implementation in about 18 months.


MarkJoel said:
Any suggestions on where to get this training in Texas, USA?

I work in the telecom industry and shooting for implementation in about 18 months.

You may want to start with the local (broken link removed) near you.

Also, there many organizations that provide training.



ISO 9001:2000 Implementation Plan

Attached is a general plan I used in a professional/IT services environment.


  • ISO 9001 Implementation - IT services.xls
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For some strange reson I couldn't open the file, or it came in scrambled. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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ISO 9001 Implementation Plan - Try PDF

Hi RFisher,

Welcome to the Cove! :D

The ISO 9001 Implementation Plan (posted by ISOKandy, above) is an MSExcel document, and the link seems to be working OK, however, I copied and saved it as a PDF file which you might have more success in opening (although you can't edit it unless you have Adobe Professional).

It is a good implementation plan...if you are able to read it in Adobe, you might recreate it in Excel if it serves your purposes (I've added the original Excel file - maybe it will open for you).

Good luck on the challenging road ahead!



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This is the implemation plan we used. Hope it helps.


  • ISO9000 Upgrade IMPLEMENTAION PLAN.doc
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