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Iso 9k2k + Qs 9000 Qm

Is anyone trying to write a Quality Manual for a split registration? We are registered ISO 9002:1994 & QS 9000 (only for our automotive sector of business) and I am trying to rewrite our QM to satisfy both ISO 9K2K & QS 9000. How is anyone else managing to combine these, or should we just wait and go TS 16949 after March, 02? Thoughts anyone?:bigwave:


ISO 9K2K & QS 9000

This can easily be done, but with some difficulty. Let me explain. QS-9000 adopts ISO 9001. It includes every word of ISO 9001 (except "where applicable" in 4.8). The easiest way to incorporate ISO 9K2K is to:

1. Compare 9K2K with QS, noting where the “shall”s are the same. Some of the new requirements are included in QS, so not every new 9K2K requirement will in fact be new.
2. Determine where each 9K2K “shall” is (or will be) located in your updated QMS.
3. Take the necessary steps to include the 9K2K requirements, which are not in QS, in your QMS. The additional requirements are part of your QMS, but as your requirements, not ISO 9K2K.

That is the easy part, now for the difficulty:

Your registration will still be to ISO 9002:2000 with QS-9000, but you should be compliant with ISO 9K2K. When 16949 finally arrives, you should be able to quickly switch registration to that. For ease of implementation, follow the same three steps to upgrade to 16949.

Hope that helps,

Dave B
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