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ISO 9001:2000 quality objective vs acceptance criteria



Can someone please help me with ISO 9001:2000 terminology?

In 7.1 there is the line:
In planning product realization, the organization shall determine the following, as appropriate:
a) quality objectives and requirements for the product

Later in the list there is a reference to acceptance criteria.

What are examples of "quality objectives" that are not acceptance criteria?

Steel Maiden

Quality objectives are goals above and beyond the customer's, industry, or international standards. Think of it as aiming for a better Cp/CpK.

Acceptance criteria is pass/fail. If the customer requires a Cp/CpK value of 1.66 and you produced 1.33, your product did not meet the acceptance criteria.

You should be able to show you are making progress towards meeting quality objectives; but you must be able to prove that you have met the acceptance criteria.

Hope this helps.
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