ISO 9001-2000 Registered - We received our ISO 9001:2000 certificate yesterday

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Lauren B. - 2009

We recieved our 9001:2000 certificate yesterday. It was a long
2 1/2 days.

I would like to say thank you to all the forum members for the information available here. I have been a browser for a little while and feel fortunate to have this knowledge base.

We have been registered since 1995 and have been with the current owner since 1997. There's a lot of lip service with little support and NO congratulations on a job well done.

Thanks again to all. :bigwave:


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Congrats on a job well done.

Now that youv'e accomplished your task, please join in and share your experiences and knowledge with the rest of the group!

Welcome!!!!!:bigwave: :bigwave: :bigwave:


Randy Stewart


Good Job Lauren,
Now the fun starts. We received our "Recomendation for Registration" yesterday. I just don't know how to act, it must be I'm getting older or something, I didn't even get in an argument with the auditor this time!
Well, now its time to prove the system will function properly. :bigwave:


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Re: Congrats

Randy Stewart said:

I'm getting older or something, I didn't even get in an argument with the auditor this time!


Now that's just NOT right....LOL!!!!!

Congrats to you, too!!!!



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Congratulations to you both.

We are 18 days and counting from certification audit...I love hearing people say they made it, it gives me hope that I will survive yet another initial certification audit. I don't think it is any less scary than the first time I did this. Of course, I'd feel a lot better if someone wouldn't have turned in a completed CAR with the investigation consisting of only "OK" today. sheesh, where was this guy when we did our root cause analysis training? Mabe the electronic tagging mentioned in another thread is called for here?

Have a good one!:bigwave:

Randy Stewart

Overall it was a good experience, really. I followed the auditor around at the Corporate Office location but didn't travel with the other auditor to our other facilities. I stayed in the background during the interview sessions and I have to tell you, I was impressed. Most of the interviewees didn't know it was an audit because they didn't see me. They thought the auditor was a customer and were well into the session until they would either notice me or the title "Audit" on the auditors clip board!!! They were more relaxed (this was our 10th surveillance) and were answering questions about "THEIR PROCESS"! I can't emphasize this enough. Do the process thing!!!!!!!!
My department provided guides for the other auditor and it was viewed the same way by our employees. It's like an audit never happened! It's a beautiful thing, it was over before they knew it.
We took 4 minors but received 9 atta boys and the minors were just that very minors. As an example, we had approximately 120 fixture details ready to ship, customer requirements state that each detail must be labeled with Part Number, EC level, etc. 1 out of the 120 was missing the tag!!! Go figure, he checked 3 out of 120 and 1 was messed up.
Yesterday I had at least 4 people come up and ask when the audit was. "I thought our audit started on Tuesday", or "I thought you said he was coming out on the floor". I still can't believe it.
SteelMaiden said:
Mabe the electronic tagging mentioned in another thread is called for here?

Tagging? Well, i don't really think so, but a light to moderate electric shock has been known to work wonders for the old memory sometimes.... -> zzZZzzap! :eek:

You know: Pavlovs dog...



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BTW Randy, you must have done well if all they could pick on was tagging. In a lead auditor class they said if you want find something look at tagging. I am surprised they put a N/C to it unless they saw some unidentified in other areas. Does this present a clear and present danger to customer satisifaction?
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