ISO 9001:2008 Design and Development Process & Forms examples wanted



I just did an internal audit of the design and development process and its a hot mess!

We have the "project manager" who usually starts the project and he is the Marketing manager. Well the people on the D&D team attempt to follow the process and use these horrible forms for tracking. The forms are so cumbersome its ridiculous. (nobody goes back and makes the checkmarks, then they sign off on the forms and scan them back and they arent legible after the third phase of signatures)!! The written process is also terrible and doesn't really flow with the standard.

The forms are so bad that they just take notes in a word document--and that isnt even mentioned in the process.

Does anyone have a nice and tidy D&D process written up as well as the tracking forms?


I am scouring the forms now, thanks Sidney. I still cant find a great written process that isn't the standard reworded.

I have found a couple of forms that might be handy, but i feel like there is not a great one that has a place for notes from each meeting if you know what I mean? The project team meets at least every 2 weeks while a new project is going on and these forms just dont have room to contain the necessary note taking.

Guess I could just implement a word template to use. All that signature that necessary? Can I just have checkmarks by the names of the parties? That way we wouldnt have to print it all off and rescan?


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Why not nix the paper, there's a lot of team collaboration software, including open source, that might fit your needs. Wiki software might work for D&D purposes also.

I have the same need as you that I will have to address in the near future. I googled "open source team collaboration software" and got some good resources to start investigating what's out there.
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