ISO 9001:2015 8.3.2. h) Design and Development Planning - What is required?

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Can someone please explain H)The Requirements for subsequent provisions of products and services?

Otherwise known as a service specification or product specification.

The product maybe specified in terms of its performance ((in which case more design is needed so it can be made) or in terms of its unique attributes and characteristics or acceptance criteria. Parts of the spec may also be used for purchasing conforming materials and components.

Occasionally the product or part of the product is specified by the method necessary to make it (such as heat treatment).

A service specification is another design output that translates the customer’s objectives into your company’s service actions with, and deliverables to the customer. This would be approved by the customer and may form part of the contract.

Along with the other design outputs such as drawings, specifications are verified and validated before use. Validation may be a result of testing prototypes, trials or models with or without the customer per the approved design plan.

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Subsequent provisions of products and services would be what is needed to create the product or service. Provisions is related to provide. Then if the product requires service during its life span, what you do to provide that service or at least support that service.

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Can someone please explain H)The Requirements for subsequent provisions of products and services?

Clause 8.3.2 h) is about preparing 8.5.1 – including both downstream processes and post-delivery services.

Clause 8.3.2 is about design and development planning. It includes both the project phase and the after the project phase, the after the successful verification and validation.

What equipment to use? What process control plan? What specifications to use? What acceptance criteria to use? What quality control plan to use? What packaging to use? What post delivery service to provide?
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