ISO 9001:2015 by Craig Cochran - ebook or paper?


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This book has been widely recommended. I think I'll get it. What is it like? Would it work in ebook format? If it's diagram heavy then paper is best.

What do you think? Both versions are the same price from where I'd buy it so it's just what's best?

BTW portability of ebook I like but paper allows for notes, bookmarking with notes (post-its) and could be good.


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It's the 2015 standard version I looking at. It also compares the changes from ISO 9001 : 2008 version as well as focusing on ISO 9001 : 2015 specifics.

I guessing it's got diagrams, flowcharts, tables, etc. that possibly makes for difficult viewing as an ebook. A paperback book is easier to view than ereaders and tablets but I'm guessing amazon kindle app on a computer would possibly be ok.

I wonder if anyone has a copy and can let me know if it's diagram heavy. If anyone has an ebook version, is it easily read? No issues with diagrams?

ISO 9001:2015 in Plain English - Craig Cochran - Google Books

Mike S.

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Why not buy it as a .pdf -- you can blow up any diagrams as much as you want -- maybe even print them for clarity?

Jen Kirley

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The book has tables and figures that are valuable. They show up okay on my Kindle e-reader.


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I think I'll take the chance with a kindle version. At least it'll be readable on a pc. I think there isn't a restriction on the number of devices you can link to a kindle account.


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Just found out the latest Windows 10 fall edition (or whatever it's called) allows notes and annotations on ebooks. Useful I think.
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